Amy Hayes


Play with others

Collaboration is the new competition. When we learn from each other we all win.



Do good work for good people

I work with people I like and whose work I respect.



Dig deep and wide

Get steeped in the world of the client and then step out into seemingly unrelated territory. That’s where the sweet spot lies.



Respect the creative process

Allow space for percolation, dreaming, and inspiration (a flower can't be forced to open).



Avoid trends

Authentic stories are more resonant. Meaning matters.



Engage culture

Know the audience and speak to them intimately.



Make it distinctive

Unexpected solutions are more memorable. Comfortable solutions fade into background noise.



Cultivate craft

Create. Redefine. Iterate. Refine.



Embrace fear and failure

Nothing new has ever evolved from playing it safe.




No one wants to be sold. Artful solutions create brands people love.